William S. Burroughs correctly said,
'When you stop growing, you start dying’.

The key yardsticks for measuring growth are:

  • Performance – achievement of aspired, effective outcomes through actions as contribution.
  • Success – consistent performance through planned action.
  • Happiness – the joy in taking action towards purposeful aspirations.

Therefore growth is consistently and consciously expanding our comfort zones, aspiring beyond the ‘self’.

At aUt sUr, to help you explore your true potential and enhance your effort towards growth, we offer the following learning endeavors:



Leadership and Management Development

Consistent high performance and achievement of results requires being both - efficient and effective. In other words, doing things right – an aspect of good management, and doing the right thing – as aspects of good leadership. The core job of any leader or manager is to achieve results through optimal use of resources. Both these roles require skills, and as Brian Tracy puts it - every skill is essentially learnable. At aUt sUr we offer customised workshops on a host of leadership and management development topics
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A career at sea provides significant opportunities for leadership. In our opinion, the core objectives of onboard leaders are to ensure:

  • Safety of life, environment, and property
  • Effective operations to keep vessels profitable and an
  • Amicable environment that fosters trust and collaboration.

While there is a need for leadership skills at every level on board, it becomes even more essential when an officer is ready to make it into the Top-4. Our U-LEAD@SEA workshop is based on our core concepts of ‘4C + ME2WE’ and is adapted to suit Marine Officers. As with all our workshops, this too can be customised to your requirements.

Empowering Sales Effectiveness (E.S.E)

Whether in a sales role or not, we are always in a sales mode. At work or home, we are often persuading and influencing people, negotiating something for them or from them, or helping them make decisions (especially buying ones). All these are skills that our fully customized ESE workshop helps enhance and enrich.

  • Using our 7P approach, we help assess and strengthen the dynamic mix of critical aspects like attitude, competence, collaboration, sales strategy, consultative approach, science of persuasion and execution.
  • Help candidates achieve organization's goals
  • Drive a win-win mindset with all stakeholders
  • Reinforce learning through one-on-one follow-up coaching sessions (optional)

Coaching and Mentoring

Xponential-U Coaching

The Xponential-U coaching helps our clients explore their limitless potential, and transform and grow in a wholesome, balanced manner. Xponential-U offers a customised framework of sessions through a defined engagement period. Access the brochure here.

ULEAD@SEA Coaching

Most cadets aspire to become a Captain or a Chief Engineer. And as they get close to this milestone, some are excited, some are nervous, some eager, some scared, some confident, and some have doubts. While each may have a different response, one thing is common for all. In this ‘top’ role, the buck stops with them. This is a huge shift from all the past experience. Providing your officers with the opportunity to work with a coach through this transition could greatly enhance their leadership performance. U-L.E.A.D@S.E.A coaching is a customized engagement for senior shipboard officers identified for promotion as Master/Chief Engineer.

Coaching 4 Success

ICF defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership”. If you are looking at a more focused coaching option, C4S is the path for you, where you can predefine the number of coaching sessions based on your requirements.

Supporting Positivity, Productivity, and Effectiveness

We have seen some of the most trying times of our lives, since early 2020. The situation has impacted everyone in different ways. While many have coped, many more can do with some support through these trying times, to strengthen their resilience. The S-PPE is designed to help people to deal with issues like stress, anxiety, limiting beliefs, conflicts, loss, life balance, mindfulness, productivity, critical decisions, and to sustain Positivity, Productivity, and Effectiveness.

Other Performance Coaching Areas

  • Preparation for performance reviews
  • Preparation for interviews
  • Career transition
  • Effective communication
  • Taking deliberate and critical decisions
  • Goal setting
  • Conducting effective meetings
  • Collaborating for success

Note: While coaching goals can be aligned between the client, participant and coach through a tripartite agreement, the coaching engagement is an intervention conducted in confidentiality.